KGOG Information

It is my honor to be elected as the 5 President of the KGOG,
and I feel heavily responsible.

Like all disciplines, the field of oncology, especially the field of gynecological cancer clinical trials, is advancing day by day with new information being added. All researchers commonly know that the success of a clinical trial greatly contributes not only to patients’ health but also to the development of the medical field. Therefore, it motivates many researchers. The KGOG is a gynecological cancer clinical trial organization of multiple institutions in South Korea and other countries. Since it was established in 2002, it has grown into the best gynecological cancer research group thanks to the efforts of former presidents, Sun-beom Kang (the first president), Joo-hyun Nam, Byeong-gi Kim, and Yong-man Kim. It is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. This research group has been contributing greatly to the development of gynecological cancer research in South Korea through KGOG-led studies and KGOG-participated studies. It also has sought to improve the quality of our research performance capabilities and achieved significant clinical results through joint research with leading international research institutes (e.g., NRG, GCIG, and JGOG).

The KGOG is at a stage requiring us to take another leap forward. We must continue to strive to distinguish between good and bad by utilizing our achievements and network so far while a lot of new drugs and clinical information are released every day. Ideas, skilled personnel, and research funds are needed to achieve meaningful research results. The executives, members, and bureau staff of the KGOG are working hard to secure research funds and create ideas under the name of KGOG. I hope any motivated researchers visit KGOG at any time. We will do our best for you to conduct studies related to a clinical trial with KGOG researchers. Thank you. Jae-Hoon Kim, President of KGOG